NIBULON Constructed and Put Into Operation Its Third Filling Station to Serve the Company’s Own Needs

NIBULON finished constructing its largest filling station in Khmilnyk, Vinnytsia region.

Today, the company’s filling station in Khmilnyk (Vinnytsia region) is ready for operation. The newly built facility is equipped with 5 tanks of 75 cubic meters each with the total simultaneous storage capacity of 375 cubic meters of fuel, a tank car loading rack to unload two rail tank cars at a time, a fuel dispenser for fueling road transport, and a unit to pour fuel into tank trucks. The simultaneous fuel receipt is 60 tons, and the maximum annual capacity is 50 tank cars.  

The company improved the site and conducted pre-commissioning work. The filling station is totally ready to ensure fuel needs during sowing and harvesting campaigns at NIBULON’s production branches located in Vinnytsia, Zhytomyr, and Khmelnytskyi regions.

The filling station in Khmilnyk became the third and the largest one among the same company’s facilities on the territory of Kremenchutska branch (Poltava region) – 225 cubic meters and Svativska branch (Luhansk region) – 300 cubic meters. Thus, NIBULON’s total tank capacity is 900 cubic meters.

NIBULON’s management made a decision to construct these infrastructure facilities in order to fuel its fleet and trucks at the branches that are engaged in cultivating agricultural commodities. Thus, storing diesel fuel at the company’s own filling stations is an important component to optimize the company’s logistics system. Putting these facilities into operation promotes both an increase in grain purchase prices by cheapening grain cargo transportation and minimization of the environmental impact by implementing modern technologies at the facilities.  

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