Andriy Vadaturskyy’s address on the occasion of NIBULON’s 32nd anniversary

Dear colleagues, partners and friends,Today, we celebrate NIBULON's 32nd birthday. Almost two of those years were lived in wartime conditions. The events of these two years have significantly transformed the company and unfortunately brought substantial losses. We were faced with the choice of bankruptcy or fundamental changes to withstand the challenges posed by Russian aggression.We chose changes. The first step on this path was ensuring the physical safety of our employees. Faced with daily shelling in Mykolaiv, a decision was made to relocate the central office to Kyiv. 112 employees moved to safer conditions in the capital, receiving additional support for housing rentals. The change in location opened up opportunities to attract new specialists. Over the year, we invited employees who helped transform the company for the better. There is much work ahead, but it is already clear that with the renewed team significant progress has been achieved in various areas. The progress is measured by both financial results and the trust of our partners. In my first address, I highlighted the project to build a new transshipment terminal in Izmail. Despite war conditions, limited funding, and unstable supply chains, we built a new critical infrastructure object, providing the country with a guaranteed export channel and making us independent from Russia's export control manipulations. Sincere thanks to Deputy Prime Minister for Reconstruction of Ukraine Oleksandr Kubrakov, Deputy Minister Yurii Vaskov, and the entire team of the Ministry of Communities, Territories and Infrastructure Development for their professional assistance that enabled us to quickly implement the project. This is a demonstrative example of effective interaction between government and business in the pursuit of implementing state interests.Significant changes have occurred within the organization. To expedite decision-making and improve quality, a one-tier governance model was introduced; Board of Directors and four committees were created. We were the first company in Ukraine to adopt progressive approaches following changes to the Law of Ukraine “On Limited Liability Companies” in 2023. This allowed us to practice collective responsibility for decision-making process, encourage discussion for comprehensive issue review, and reduce the risk of errors. Alongside us during this transformation were Deloitte, EBRD, and Vasyl Kisil and Partners. We thank them for the ideas, access to the best global management practices, and assistance in implementing changes. Further strengthening organizational efficiency is tied to the use of information technologies. NIBULON requires real-time data access, efficient business processes, and a modern interaction environment. To this end, a digital transformation project was initiated, involving the update of IT infrastructure and restructuring of the IT service. NIBULON Digital was established as a resident of Diia.City, aiming to provide services to NIBULON and other companies in the elevator service market. Ambitiously, we plan to monetize our internal expertise in automating elevator complex work and introduce a new product to the market. Currently, in cooperation with the Ukrainian IT-Enterprise company, we have updated the ERP system and are preparing to expand its functionality. New digital solutions have been implemented, such as tender trading portal based on the APS Tender or document flow with Soft Expansion. We've created our own services, like Supplier's Portal for digitizing agricultural product procurement or Line Up chatbot for electronic vehicle registration. The team's new initiatives and wartime work results have earned us the trust and support of creditors. Despite losses exceeding $416 million in 2022, and with only 32% of the company's assets operating today, a significant part of NIBULON’s credit portfolio used for the company's construction has already been restructured on long-term conditions. We are grateful to all partners for their assistance and time dedicated to the company's recovery. We hope that the rest of the banks will support the initiative this year. Special respect to the state banks of Ukraine, which during turbulent times took a leadership position among the 26 banks in our portfolio, serving as an example of real partnership and a state stance in supporting business. The banking community has this opportunity thanks to the balanced policy of the National Bank of Ukraine and its Chairman Andriy Pyshnyi in terms of creating conditions for restructuring business debts to banks.The next year will be devoted to implementation of developed strategies. We aim to achieve greater efficiency in all directions and comprehensively modernize the company. This will allow our employees to receive higher wages, and the company to enhance competitiveness both locally and globally. The first steps have already been taken. The results of the reformation of agricultural production launched this year demonstrate that, even during export blockades and increased logistical costs, profitability in agribusiness can be achieved using modern approaches.As part of the reformation, we revised soil processing technology towards more efficient and sustainable practices, implement automation, stabilized relationships with landlords, and the landbank. This year, NIBULON paid rent for uncultivated war-affected land and extended agreements with landowners. More than 4,000 hectares of land in Mykolaiv region were returned through a humanitarian demining initiative. Soon, with the support of DEG Impulse gGmbH, we will have four high-capacity demining machines, significantly accelerating work pace and safety for sappers. This will enable us not only to clear our own landbank, but also to provide services to others. Further steps involve investments of up to $20 million in modern agricultural machinery. We rely on reputable European manufacturers such as CLAAS, HORSCH, HARDI, BEDNAR, and others. Ukrsotsbank and Export and Investment Fund of Denmark (EIFO) assist in updating the machinery fleet. Our sincere thanks to them for the assistance and opportunity to be competitive in these difficult circumstances. Modernization also affected the company's logistics. We invested nearly $14 million in updating the vehicle fleet and developing port infrastructure.Given the redirection of export chains during the war and the loss of river navigation, NIBULON increased its share of grain transportation by road. To support this, we purchased 74 new Scania trucks, STAS trailers, as well as new fuel trucks and tanks, strengthening our competitive advantage in logistics. The port infrastructure of Bessarabska branch was reinforced with two new LIEBHERR loaders, allowing the additional handling of up to 1,000 tons of grain per day and supporting other logistics models.The railroad fleet of NIBULON was also expanded. The USAID Economic Resilience Activity purchased 50 modern hopper wagons manufactured at the Karpaty Research and Mechanical Plant. We are grateful to the people of the USA and USAID for assisting in improving transportation economics. The next step is the modernization of the elevators with an investment of up to $12 million. Within this framework, we've reviewed the network management model and introduced clusters to enhance governance efficiency. The main investment focus will be on constructing a new elevator at Khmilnyk branch, the reconstruction of AK Vradiivskyi, and Kolosivskyi Elevator Ltd. Additionally, we plan to improve the automated management system for elevator complexes through NIBULON Digital. Based on the existing system, a new SCADA solution will be created to ensure a continuous, transparent, and controlled technological process. This will allow us to receive real-time data, save resources, increase staff productivity, and accordingly their wages.With a professionally strong team of experts, modern technologies, and cooperation with farmers, government bodies, and communities, NIBULON will continue growing the future we and our children can be proud of. With immense gratitude to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, our employees and partnersNIBULON's CEOAndriy Vadaturskyy

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