Rules of transportation

Rules of water transportation of passengers and baggage
  1. * The Customer independently places an order for a boarding document (ticket) on the website:
    To place an order, the Customer selects the route and date and time of the Service, specifies the email address to which the boarding document of the prescribed form will be sent, indicates the mobile phone number for communication, determines the number of pieces of baggage, and pays for the Service. A ticket for the selected trip must be purchased at least 30 minutes before the ship’s departure.
  2. The document confirming the Customer’s right to receive the Service is the boarding document (a printed copy of the boarding document). The Customer shall present a valid boarding document for ticket control.
  3. The ticket is valid until the end of the Service.
  4. Fares are set by the carrier. The decision to change the fares, as well as the amount and conditions of their application, are made by the carrier independently.
  5. Hand luggage is cargo with dimensions not exceeding 30x30x50 cm and a weight of
    8 kg. The Customer is entitled to free transportation of one hand luggage, which shall be placed under the Customer’s seat.
  6. Baggage is a piece of cargo that exceeds the size of hand luggage, but the dimensions of which do not exceed 50x50x30 cm and a weight of 20 kg. FULL PAYMENT of the ticket price is made for the transportation of baggage.
  7. The Carrier is not responsible for the safety and integrity of the passenger’s hand luggage or personal belongings in the cabin.
  8. The Carrier is not responsible for the loss or theft of cash, jewelry, passports, valuable documents, or any other valuables in the cabin.
  9. The Carrier shall not be liable for any losses incurred by the passenger as a result of the criminal activity of any private person (including other passengers, traffic participants).
  10. The Customer is entitled to transport one child under the age of 6 years free of charge per ticket, without the right to occupy a separate seat.
  11. The ticket price for children over 6 years old is paid in full, with the provision of a separate seat.
  12. Children under 14 years of age unaccompanied by adults are not allowed to board the vessel.
  13. A customer under the influence of alcohol or drugs is not allowed to board the vessel.
  14. It is allowed to carry 5 (five) military combatants on a passenger vessel free of charge per voyage upon presentation of the combatant’s documentation.
  15. During the quarantine and quarantine restrictions, passengers who have purchased a boarding document are allowed to board the passenger vessel only in personal protective equipment, namely a protective mask.
  16. Passengers not wearing a protective mask will not be allowed to board the vessel. In this case, the money paid for the Service will not be refunded to the Customer.

*Currently, tickets are purchased on board the vessel through a POS terminal with a mandatory receipt.

Passengers are not allowed to:
  • distract the attention of the captain of the vessel during the movement;
  • prevent the closing of doors;
  • place luggage in places where it impedes the free movement of passengers around the cabin;
  • travel without paying the fare or without presenting a standardized identity card (in case of the right to free travel);
  • make corrections to the ticket and transfer it to another person;
  • use emergency equipment unnecessarily;
  • disturb public order;
  • drink alcoholic beverages and smoke in the cabin or restroom;
  • walk around the cabin and stand in the aisles while moving;
  • carry in your hand luggage: loaded (with ammunition) weapons, stinky, flammable, corrosive, poisonous, flammable, explosive, and other dangerous substances, as well as items that may damage or contaminate the belongings of other passengers.
  1. In the event of cancellation of the Service order at the initiative of the Customer more than
    24 hours before the start of the Service, 100% of the cost of the Service paid by the Customer shall be refunded to the Customer.
  2. In the event of cancellation of the Service order at the initiative of the Customer less than
    24 hours before the start of the Service, the money paid for the Service shall not be refunded to the Customer.
    In the event of delay or absence of the Customer at the place (point of departure) specified during the order, the boarding document shall not be refunded or exchanged, and the Contractor shall not be obliged to compensate the Customer for the cost of the boarding document.
    Applications for loss of the boarding document are not accepted, the Contractor is not obliged to provide the Services to the Customers who cannot present a valid boarding document.
  3. In the event of a situation in which the Contractor is unable to provide the Services, the Customer shall be refunded in full or the Contractor shall reschedule the trip to another time or date.
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